Well Information Smart Engine (WISE) is a job-management software for managing all well-completion activities in PTTEP, Thailand
  • SSOC Information System

    SSOC Information System is a job-management software that manage activities from pre-drilling until well intervetion in South Sullige Operating Company (SSOC), Petrochina

We provide solutions for oil & gas business

  • iconhome-6 High Quality.

    We understand that consistency and perception of your product is mostly important. That’s why we guarantee and ensure that our quality standard meets your need. Our quality control system guarantee you the perfection of every theme we create.

    iconhome-2 Evolving Software.

    First of all, we create high quality software. But we dont stuck there, because we know that software industries is changing rapidly and we need to keep up with the technology so we evolve the software. We debug the bugs (well…it’s a must) & make the software being applied with latest technology.

    iconhome-3 Fit The Needs.

    With on our experience in oil & gas indutries, we are familiar with every needs in this industries . Our products provides a comprehensive set of solutions that enable you to run an effective and cost efficient organization while helping you achieve your goal in oil & gas industries.

  • Thorough Documentation Clear Documentation.

    We believe great product comes with great documentation. We really don’t want the user feel loss, we want the user understand clearly about how to use our product. And the key is by creating a clear and understandable documentation. so even the new user doesn’t feel loss.

    Trusted by famous oil & gas companies.


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