Well intervention activity in Mahakam PSC (Balikpapan, Indonesia) account for 60% of the Total’s well intervention activity
world-wide. Due the complexity of the operation for managing old and new wells, WLI (Well Intervention) Division needs a
very specific information system to capture daily activity (operation and safety wise) and to provide a set of dashboard
representing the performance of contractors and company.

Key modules of the projects:

  • Creation and approval workflow for well intervention job request and program.
    • Involve 9 different people in various departments.
    • Support delegation feature where the manager could delegate his role to the engineer for a specified period of time.
  • Daily report data capture
    • To capture daily operation for each unit/barge including operating time, NPT, job code, description of each activity.
    • To capture any safety events relating to the jobs.
  • Well integrity module comprises of:
    • Well inspection form to capture any data relating to the integrity of well such as pressure and temperature of valves and annulus, and condition of critical equipment inside the well.
    • Integrity summary displaying the number of wells based on its color (green, orange, red) for each area.
    • o Other forms: DHSV and wellhead record, Valve failure history, and Annulus pressure monitoring.
  • Support overdue indicator within a specified period of time so that user could make planning ahead for next inspection / replacement.
  • HSE (Health, Safety, Environment)
    • Record any event (anomaly, near missed, incidents) and initiative (safety meeting, audit, management visit, emergency drills, etc)
    • Record medical check-up data for each employee.
    • Record POB and man hours
    • Provide statistic and charts displaying HSE indicators such as TRIR, LTIF, number of incidents / anomaly / near missed, etc.
  • Dashboard
    • Various charts and summary tables were developed to deliver the calculated data to the management people such as NPT (non-productive time) by contractor, NPT by department within the company, cost spent, number of job created/suspended/aborted/completed, perforation meterage, fuel consumption, and many others.
  • Contract Monitoring
    • Capture contract detail (contract value, duration, remuneration, etc), job ticket submitted by contractors, cost spent (callout and flat cost), etc.
    • Provide statistic and chart for contract status.
  • Job planning tool
    • Provide integrated tool for planning barge for job execution.
    • Support export to excel file for printing purposes.
  • Others
    • Well chronology, string equipment, gas lift equipment, perforation data, fuel consumption.